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Odoo Days Indonesia 2022 : Experience

Odoo Days Indonesia is a three days conference & roadshow held in Jakarta. This event is a place where Odoo teams, Partners, and Customer are meet with each other to talk about how they are using Odoo to support their business on daily basis. The event main program is a functional and technical training, also their main event which is an Odoo 16 Live Demo. On this blog post I would like to write down my two days of experience attending this event and what's the benefit of it.

The event was held from 29th of November to 1st of December 2022. Me and three other person from company I worked in (Which is my boss and coworker) came from Balikpapan a day before the event started, which is on November 28th. The event was held on Sheraton Grand Hotel in South Jakarta District, and the place we were stayed in was not really far from the hotel event.

Day One, November 29th

On the first day, We attend the paid Functional Training called "Functional Training : Industri Perdagangan" which in English means "Trading Industry". The price cost of training is around $99 USD, but since we were registering a bit far from the start of the event day, we received an early-bird discount so the price for one person was discounted to $78 USD-ish, which is pretty good.

The training was started at 08:30 AM in the morning, so we came to the event hotel at 8. Once we arrived, we are guided by hotel receptionist to walk and went upstairs using lift to 3rd floor where the event was located. Once we are arrived, the Odoo Team greeted us and asked which training we would like to attend. We told them that we are going to attend the Trading Industry session. We showed our entry ticket, but turns out the ticked we received was the old format and it has changed to a QR Code type. They said the latest format of ticket was informed through our email, so I checked my email but there are no any mails regarding this. The Odoo team later said "Well okay let's proceed the check in registration with manual check in", thus we are eligible to get into the training room and handed an Odoo tote bag and notes souvernir. Hehe, honestly I was a bit nervous and afraid if we couldn't let in.

After waiting for around twenty minutes, the training started. Our trainer are introducing her name, and her name is Angie. Since it was a functional training, the main subject is how to set up and configure all the things that related to trading company using Odoo ERP. She's really good explaining how things in Odoo related to each other. Started from the very basic things, like adding the master product, setting up inventory flow, creating purchase & sales, and straight to Inventory valuation and accounting. After one and hour the training went, we are told by her to get some coffee break around fifteen minutes. I grab a cup of coffee and went to the bathroom, since the training room is sooo cold. After the break has ended, we began to train again. She and the team later explain how things in Odoo are related to each other, and tells us how it is easy to configure the system to fill the company needs.

This functional training was ended at 12PM. We later served with the very good and tasty lunch, but at that time after we grab our food, the training room was closed due to clean up and preparation for the next public event, which is the Odoo 16 Demo. Thus, we don't have a chair to ate our food. I looked around, then saw other attendee was eating lunch while standing, and I thought this was intentionally designed this way so we can networking with other person during lunch. I don't really mind and just enjoying the food and snack. It was so good, I swear, especially the cheesecake dessert. Even myself tweeted on my personal twitter that this cake taste so Godly good and soft hahahaha....

Around 2pm i got a notification in my phone. it’s my calendar event, and it was reminds me to get to the event soon because it’s about to begun. I was walking in Gandaria City mall looking for some finance book, but then i get back to hotel soon after.

We get ourself to event registration, take the wristband, and we got a lovely mug with Odoo logo in there. The Odoo 16 main event was pretty crowded. I remember back on September 2019, the Odoo event which was held in Bali doesn’t have this much attendees. Everyone seems excited regarding the event. There’s so much changes with Odoo 16, especially the website and ecommerce. 

The event ended at 6PM and we head back to the Gandaria Mall to have dinner before went back to our hotel.

Day Two, November 29th

On this day, my colleagues are not coming in the morning session because it was a technical training of creating Odoo modules, so i went there by myself. They are going to attend the partnership event in the afternoon, though.

So in this event, at first i was the second person who came into the room. I thought this training wasn’t going to be a bit more crowded than before, but i was wrong because i was just coming too early. The event started after the half of the room are filled.

This training basically teach audience on how to create basic Odoo modules such as the main Odoo stack (which is Postgresql, XML, Javascript and Python), declaring our own table and see how it correlates to postgres, declaring fields, computational method and other things. Our trainer name was Nicole, he was the person who take responsibility handling Odoo’s Efaktur. On break session i was chatting with him regarding what E-Faktur are needed.

The session was done, at that moment we prepared foods for lunch. It was tasty and good too. I later wait for the live event day 2 which is more focused on partnership. Oh, forgot to mention that in the entire event there are a photo booth which allow us to take a photo and printed the hard copy.

And at the end, i have plenty of merchandise. 

It was so great to attend the Odoo Experience, looking forward to attend the event in near future for another version!

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